Inspection process

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Payment Method

When making payment with a cashed check, please send the check to our company’s Department of Accounting prior to the report’s publication date; postage should be paid by the commissioner. Please write Greenyn Biotechnology Co., Ltd. At the title of the check and include a chop to prohibit transfers.
If paying by wire transfer, please make the transfer to “CTBC Bank Shizheng Branch, bank code: 8223108, account no.: 045542689863, account name: Greenyn Biotechnology Co., Ltd.”. Wire transfer processing fees should be paid by the commissioner.

Once payment is complete, please call (04)2359983 EXT 316~319, (04)25661200, or e-mail: to notify us of the name, commission order number, last 5 digits of the account, and wire transfer amount of the commissioning company

Commission Order


GREEN biotechnology
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