Greenyn R&D Center

Research Institute
The mission of our R&D Center is to fulfill unmet needs for human health. Natural inspirations and advanced technologies are the roots of our science. Our professional R&D team employs rigorous scientific and clinical approaches coupling with bioinformatic tools to develop our proprietary, safe, and powerful dietary ingredients. Not only do we provide good products to customers, but we try to better the world with good health solutions and be a part of the new era of personalized nutrition.

R&D Department

R&D Department
R&D team is composed of tens of talented and experienced researchers from food science, biotechnology, nutrition, and molecular medicine releams. We have utilized cellular, animal, and clinical studies to verify the toxicology effects and efficacies of our products, which ensures the substantial functionalities and safety of our products for daily usage. The proprietary products have been recognized with several international awards.
Greenyn empolys advanced technologies, in-vitro and preclinical testing modules, microbial strain selection platforms, unqie fermentation  technology, efficient hydrolysis technique, and non-toxic and eco-friendly extraction processes to develope proudcts with high efficacy, good bioavailability, and high safety.
  • 高效性成分
    Superior active ingredient
  • 食用安全&安心
    Food safety
  • 確保功效優先
    High efficacy
  • 精確作用機制&效率化研發
    Accurate biological mechanisms & Efficient development
  • 高生物利用率
    Good bioavailability

Quality Assurance Department 

Quality Inspection
International quality certifications & food safety management
We are compliant with international food safety management systems standards such as FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO/IEC 17025 and GMP. We consider all factors related to effective ingredients and food safety to rigorously monitor the quality and safety of our products. Additionally, Greenyn also provides affordable microbiological testing services.
Department of Quality Assurance


GREEN biotechnology
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