Company Certification

Factory Certification

Greenyn is a professional developer and manufacturer of health and food products as well as a provider of OEM/ODM services. We guarantee international quality and systems certifications to our clients.
7. 綠茵一廠通過FSC22000
Greenyn factory I FSSC 22000
6. 綠茵一廠ISO 22000
Greenyn factory I ISO 22000
8. 綠茵一廠HACCP
Greenyn factory I HACCP
19. 綠茵一廠Halal證(只放第一頁)
Greenyn factory I HALAL Certification
Greenyn factory I GMP
21. 綠茵二廠綠茵二廠HACCP
Greenyn factory II HACCP
20. 綠茵二廠FSSC22000
Greenyn factoryII FSSC 22000 
22. 綠茵二廠 ISO22000
Greenyn factory II ISO 22000
18. 綠茵一廠Halal證(只放第一頁)
Greenyn factory II HALAL Certification
Greenyn factory II GMP
24. TAF17025
ISO/IEC 17025
D-U-N-S® Registered Certificate


GREEN biotechnology
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