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►Employees' Benefits
Employees of the Company are enrolled for the labor insurance and entitled to all types of leaves stated in laws (i.e., pregnancy check leave, paternity leave, and menstruation leave) from the on-boarding day, subject to the requirements under the Labor Standard Act.

Employees' Benefit Items:
(1) Marriage, maternity/paternity, injury/sickness, hospitalization, bereavement compensation
(2) Gift money and gifts for Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, and three major Chinese festivals
(3) Regular health inspection for employees
(4) Function educational training for employees
(5) Establishing clubs to organize recreational activities
(6) Domestic/overseas traveling subsidies for employees
(7) Year-end party and activities from time to time for the appreciation of employees' efforts

Employees' Bonuses:
According to the requirements of Article 21 of the Articles of Association of Greenyn Biotechnology Co., Ltd.: If the Company has any profit (profit means benefits before deducting the remunerations of employees and Directors from profits before tax) for the year, it shall appropriate 5% to 15% as the remuneration of employees and no more than 3% as the remuneration of Directors. However, if the Company has accumulated losses (including adjusted undistributed earnings), it shall preserve the amount for compensation first.
(1) Employees of the Group are entitled to variable remunerations, including performance bonuses and project bonuses:
Apart from the achievement of its business goal, the governance and operating plan of the Company makes synergy evaluations in terms of management indicators, key functions of departments, and personal performances and adopts the compliance with the corporate sustainability strategy as its mission. Therefore, an incentive and reward system is designed to contribute to employees sparing no effort through the appropriating the remuneration of employees.
(2) Performance bonuses:
The performance evaluation is carried out to evaluate the work performances of employees for the year; the evaluation content is divided into quantitative work performance indicators and qualitative functional behaviors, and risks, sustainability control, and relevant indicators are also included in the evaluation items to fully combine the evaluation results with corporate governance, overall operations, and sustainable development (i.e., food safety, quality improvement, and joint prosperity with communities).
(3)Project bonuses:
In 2020, the project bonus system was introduced to encourage the continual innovation and pursuit of excellence of employees; apart from providing incentives to employees regarding key indicators, the system further encourages innovations and breakthroughs, as well as the exertion of the core corporate competitive strength to achieve the sustainable operation.

►Employee Safety and Work Environments
The Company sets "safety and zero accident" as its management goal, implements stringent hardware production facility standards, safety and health operating procedures, and continual improvement project to provide safe and healthy work environments for employees. With full compliance with environmental safety and health requirements, the cross-plant environmental safety team organizes environmental safety lectures and safety inspections of all plants each year and provides further health planning solutions based on the results of employees' health inspection to thoroughly care for employees' health.

►Retirement System and Its Implementation
Complying with the requirements of the Labor Standard Act, the Company appropriate 6% of employees' monthly salaries to individual accounts at the Bureau of Labor Insurance as their retirement pension according to the requirements of the new system. We appropriate NTD4,737K in 2022.

►Collective Bargaining and Protection Measures for Employees' Interest
The Company is an people-oriented company that strictly focuses on legal compliance. The Company is convinced that all employees should receive fair treatment and respect. The Company is committed to maintaining and respecting labor standards; therefore, there had been no significant labor dispute since its establishment.

Employees Care
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