Social Care
Greenyn is concerned with socially disadvantaged groups and regularly cares for physically and mentally disabled children so that they and stray animals receive more opportunities. Colleagues are encouraged to participate in various charity activities such as: blood donation, donating old clothes and shoes. To meet our corporate social responsibility, we established a foundation based on the principles of:

1. Caring for education in remote areas and disadvantaged groups;
2. Cultivation, training, and health promotion to boost graduation rates and strengthen talent through industry-academia partnerships. Hopefully, financial aid for the education of disadvantaged students can be more widespread so that talent can be cultivated and trained so that we may give back what we take from society;
3. Elderly health program: From time to time, health education seminars are conducted to put the principles and culture of our corporate into action by giving back to society, thereby achieving Greenyn’s principle of social inclusion and deepening ties with communities.
(1) Continue to purchase charity items: Support for charity groups such as World Peace Association and Huashan Social Welfare Foundation.
(2) Partner with communities to host joint blood drives
(3) Community care: The company has hired a nutritionist to share knowledge on topics such as liver protection and nutrition in communities and neighborhoods as well as continuing with epidemic prevention efforts by donating supplies such as hypochlorous acid water
(4) Established the Greenyn Foundation: Programs for the education of disadvantaged children and elderly health.
(5) Continued compassion: Monthly donation of receipts to Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders, and other charity groups.
(6) Rescue of stray animals: Donation of healthy animal food products to Mary’s Doggies.

►Social Charity Achievements
⇒Compilation of Social Charity Activities in 2023 ALL_investors_article_22H10_81rjNo4oW4
⇒Compilation of Social Charity Activities in 2022 ALL_investors_article_22H10_81rjNo4oW4
⇒Compilation of Social Charity Activities in 2021 ALL_investors_article_22H10_81rjNo4oW4


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